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Josh Fox Creates “A Solar Home Companion”

Activist-Musician-Filmmaker Goes on Tour With Americana Variety Show to Foment Pro-Renewable Energy Grassroots Activism MAR 7, 2015 – Banjo-player Josh Fox, best known for his award-winning “Gasland” and “Gasland II” films highlighting the environmental risks associated with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas but better known as “Fracking”, has created and launched “A Solar Home Companion”,…


Anti-Monsanto Activist Music Video

“Nuts & Berries – The Monsanto Blues” JAN 14, 2015 – We at JTMP are also all activist-musicians, and we cover activist musicians all over the world as well as occasionally putting out an activist music video by the staff. To kick off 2015 we are releasing my anti-Monsanto song, “Nuts & Berries – The Monsanto Blues”….


War Against Whaling Rages On…

Sea Shepherd’s Work Successful Regardless of Legal Problems and Grounded Leader JAN 2, 2015 – The war against commercial whaling that has been going on for decades, continues on in 3 TV episodes in Discovery Communication’s “Whale Wars” on the Animal Planet channel tonight at 8 PM EST. No other Whale Wars episodes are scheduled for next…


Is Bono Selling Out to Monsanto?

Activist-Singer Attacked for Association with Monsanto at G7 Summit DEC 4, 2014 – Bono, the lead singer and activist-musician from U2, came under fire from his fans and others for being associated with Monsanto and private companies “partnering” with the private sector to solve Africa’s hunger crisis at the last G8 Summit meeting back in 2013…


Neil Young Joins Starbucks Boycott Because of Their Lawsuit Against Vermont’s GMO Food Labeling

Musical-Activist Quits His Daily Latte Due to Starbucks Using Lobbyists to Overturn GMO-Labeling Law NOV 23, 2014 – The European Union strictly monitors “new food” coming into their system, and they already require food manufacturers to label their food products as to whether they use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism Frankenfood). Here in the US, Vermont…


JTMP Says Ban The Foam!

POLYSTYRENE FOAM CLAMSHELL FOOD CONTAINERS POISON OUR WATER SYSTEMS NOV 2, 2014 – The picture above may look familiar and appealing, but here is where most of those clamshell food containers end up, in our waterways: Polystyrene foam food containers also leech benzene and styrene into your hot food, and they are slowly poisoning you. JTMP calls…

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