Greedy Corporations Continue To Rape And Pillage Consumers

      Greed is still good for rich corporations who continue to claim that they are in short supply of food and products every day citizens want or need.

      Chicago Trib: Edge from U2 talks up food as an anti-cancer weapon

      July 18, 2017 - "Edge", the guitarist from U2, talks in the Chicago Tribune about going through childhood cancer with his daughter Sian, and...

      HuffPo Kris Kristoffersons Battle With Undiagnosed Lyme Disease

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      Dave Matthews Supports Bernie Sanders

      Activist-Musician Talks Monsanto and Feeling the Bern With Rolling Stone OCT 15, 2015 - Dave Matthews has been not activist music for years, lending his...

      DC Central Kitchen Bringing Nutrition to Food Deserts

      Fresh, Natural Vegetables and Fruit Offered at "Healthy Corners" July 27, 2015 - One of the biggest issues JTMP supports is overhauling our food system,...