“Nuts & Berries – The Monsanto Blues”

NO GMO sign at March Against Monsanto, DC, 2013 - Credit: JTMP

JAN 14, 2015 – We at JTMP are also all activist-musicians, and we cover activist musicians all over the world as well as occasionally putting out an activist music video by the staff. To kick off 2015 we are releasing my anti-Monsanto song, “Nuts & Berries – The Monsanto Blues”. I came about writing the song when I had to go to a “real food diet” and started educating myself on food and nutrition. To sum it up: Get educated and informed, READ THE INGREDIENTS LABEL on the back of the product and ignore the front of the packaging that has misinformation and guile. The FDA has an article on food labeling, but they have been bribed, bought and sold by the billion-dollar Agricorp Industry, so find other non-profit sources for more information. Also, buy more produce, lentils and other good foods, and less processed food-like products such as “Hot Pockets”. I have set it to video footage of the March Against Monsanto DC that JTMP covered back in 2013. The fight still goes on to secure our food system away from the billion-dollar Agricorp Industry that is killing the family farm and is slowly poisoning and killing us. I recommend that you DO NOT eat anything with a barcode, and try look for non-GMO certified produce. Most importantly, demand food labeling that includes the requirement of listing any GMO ingredients from Congress. Watch my video below, and start a conversation about GMO below by registering, or check out the JTMP Facebook Page here.

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″]http://youtu.be/2SkqBPnq2mQ[/youtube]



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