Los Angeles newscaster Christina Pascucci announces Senate bid

Because newscasters know all about government and how it runs. Not knocking her of course, but just the system itself, whereby we don't have anyone left out there that actually has served in civil service or small-town government, city councils, hell, even librarian would be a start.

Robert Deniro Democracy Wont Survive Trump Again

Deniro coming out now is just round 2. He claims, and we all know this is true, that democracy will not survive another Trump administration. So, he's just letting people know the danger Trump represents to the country.

Conway: How To Drive Trump Crazy

We don't need to know from George Conway, husband to the alternative fact's lady Kelly Anne Conway, how to drive Trump crazy. How does one drive him crazy when he's already crazy?

America needs to talk about the right’s ‘Red Caesar’ plan for U.S. dictatorship

“Thought leaders” of the far right talk openly about a 2025 dictatorship. People need to be alarmed.The incredible scenes this week on Capitol Hill...

Biden Says Trump Was low-energy and incoherent in Michigan

Trump is low energy and incoherent. Trump has always been about slogans and being incoherent. But President Biden nailed Trump on those few words. And he needs to do more to show Trump that he's nothing more than a bloated gasbag filled with hot air.