JAN 23, 2012 – Judy Collins, who has been a musical activist for over 40 years, has just released a new album and a memoir, and she gives an interview to Chicago Sun-Times. In it she speaks about the Occupy movement and says, “The 99 per cent have had their jobs lost and been decimated by the government’s ideas of how they should support the rich. And (we) allow lobbyists to take over the world and bust the unions, and not give our teachers and our artists who make this a democratic community where we can get education and health care, and pay attention to the things in our lives. … what’s it’s going to take is legislation. We’ve got to get control over these large money escapades that involve people who are greedy and crooked, and who have every kind of support from government. ”

Read the whole interview here.

(Photo credit Prennatt1166/Wiki)

By Viktor

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