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RawStory: Henry Rollins: It’s depressing how quickly we’ve accepted the ‘Trump dumpster fire’ as our reality

Brad Reed - Raw Story http://www.rawstory.com/2017/07/henry-rollins-its-depressing-how-quickly-weve-accepted-the-trump-dumpster-fire-as-our-reality/

Putins Thug Chaika in Pussy Riot Video Met With Russian Lawyer at Trump Jr Meeting

President Trump And Trump Jr.'s Claim Lawyer At Meeting Was "Not a Government Lawyer" Turns Out To Be False July 14, 2017 - JTMP has...

RawStory: Trump supporters are having a white-hot meltdown over Moby’s latest music video

June 22, 2017 - Moby released his "In This Cold Place" music video recently where President Cheeto 'transforms' into a missile-firing swastika Transformer robot,...

The World Celebrates Oskar Fischingers 117th Birthday

Artist Combined Graphic Art & Music June 22, 2017 - The world today is celebrating German-born artist Oskar Fischinger who combined synchronized animation and music,...

Ted Nugent Says Tone Down Rhetoric

June 16, 2017 - Firebrand has-been rocker Ted Nugent told Curtis & Eboni on 77WABC radio that his past rhetoric was "wild ass" and that...


Analyzing Trump’s Question: Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Four years ago, The COVID-19 pandemic created significant disruptions in the U.S. food system, resulting in shortages and higher prices for basic supplies and food.

Trump Russian Controlled, Maddow Slams Manafort, Brought In To Raise Russian Money, Destroy Ukraine

The connections between former President Donald Trump, his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and Russia have been a subject of significant interest and investigation, particularly in the context of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

The Lauren Boebert Crime Family Strikes Again, Massive 22 Criminal Charges

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s son was arrested Tuesday and now faces 22 charges relating to an alleged crime wave in Colorado, authorities said.

Proof Trump Has Dementia Or Worse

Proof Trump Has Dementia Or Worse Proof that Trump has...