Justice Through Music has been advocating for strict gun laws for the past decade. In 2011 we released a music video tribute to Gabby Giffords after she was seriously injured in a mass shooting in Tucson.

Now, the time has come where young people are taking control of this issue, and change will come so fast and furious that the NRA killing machine and the politicians who take its blood money will suffer from whiplash after being ousted from office.

Common sense guns laws must be meaningful in order to be effective in stopping the killing of innocent people.

We want the following:

  • Ban all assault weapons
  • Ban all high capacity clips
  • Require universal, standardized background checks for all public and private weapon sales
  • Require licensing, insurance and education training for all weapon purchases
  • Enact an unlimited buyback campaign for all assault weapons
  • Destroy all weapons received from buyback campaigns
  • Repeal the laws that grant immunity to weapons manufacturers
  • Require a 21-year-old age limit for purchasing and owning weapons
  • Prohibit firearm possession by criminals, both felony and misdemeanor
  • Add gun violence to curriculum in all public school health classes
  • Complete divestment from all gun stocks
  • Ban gun companies from making donations to or lobbying politicians
  • Remove the NRA’s tax-exempt status as a public charity
  • Require the CDC to compile data on gun violence

These are coming–Generation, X, Y and Z are done with the lies, the window dressing, the prayers and the killing.

By Viktor

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