Has-Been Rocker Says He Will Not Run For Office

July 25, 2017 – Kathy Cichon of the Chicago Tribune has an interview of has-been rocker and political firebrand nutjob Ted Nugent up, and he tells the Trib he met with the President and describes it as a “glorious moment in time”.  He insulted everyone’s intelligence and hilariously said, “I have never..hinted at violence.” Except for then he would use assault rifles on stage as props and would say, “President Obama suck on this!” When asked if he will also run for a political seat like Kid Rock has been hinting at, the draft-dodger said, “Not at this time”, and added he will continue “to spotlight cockroaches abusing power and engaging in the runaway criminal corruption in our government”. Read more on Chicago Tribune HERE, or at the link below:



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