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New Documentary About Occupy Activists and Their Children: “Parents of the Revolution”

FEB 26, 2014 – JTMP is excited to announce we are getting involved in raising awareness about a great new film called "Parents of the Revolution" from director Dana H. Glazer and Dane-Gramp Productions documenting the Occupy protests that sprang up in Zuccotti Park that follows three sets of parents that bring their children along to teach them about activism and changing the world, and the hurdles and troubles they face along the way. Their children face danger as the police attacks grow more violent, and criticism from people for "using their children as human shields". The filmmakers hope the film creates a national conversation about how we can get our children more involved in civic events such as protesting peacefully, speaking out, voting and getting involved.

Check out the Parents of the Revolution website here, and watch the Trailer below. JTMP will be helping out in the screening of the film, so check back. The film will make its debut in all formats on May 15, 2014. If your organization is interested in screening this film visit http://parentsoftherevolution.com/host-a-screening/.

Guitarmy plans week long actions in New York, responds to Jay-Z comment about Occupy

AUG 12, 2012 – The musical activist group calling themselves "Guitarmy" that is closely allied with the worldwide Occupy Movement have plans all this week for special actions and concerts in New York, from marches to bring attention to the plight of the 99%, to protesting the Spectra "Fracking" gas pipeline. Tom Morello and even street musicians will all unite and push for the 99%.

Guitarmy also responded to the moronic comment by Jay-Z the other day when he said about the Occupy Movement, "“I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want? Do you know?” Guitarmy posted this on their website in response:

From Guitarmy.org:

"We have spent one year on the streets organizing for exactly the things Jay rapped about in his early days, ending urban poverty, ending Stop & Frisk and police use of lethal force, of returning dignity and hope to the everyday people of New York City. These are simple civil rights issues we know Jay-Z must support, and we would love to help open his heart and mind to the work Occupy has helped do in his own former  communities.

On SEPTEMBER 28th we will arrive at his sold-out Barclays concert to lovingly show Jay-Z what we want and how he can help: by encouraging his fans to take action for social justice in their communities, schools, workplaces, and homes.

Join us September 28 at Barclays at 6pm for an Occupy Wall Street teach-in and musical performance. Let’s be a sincere answer to Jay’s question. In turn we will ask on of him, one Florence Reece wrote in the 1930s and still matters now, “Which Side Are You On?”"

For more information on Guitarmy and all their events, check out their website here.

Occupy Activist Musician George Martinez Wants to “Bum Rush The Vote”

June 12, 2012 – George Martinez, an Occupy Activist Musician who has been heavily involved with the Occupy Movement in New York, is running for the US Congressional 7th District seat in the upcoming 2012 New York election this fall. On his website he says, "Controlling politics without money is power, people power". He is running a campaign purely on people power, and hopes that with technology and social media, and of course people getting involved, can carry the day.

Mr. Martinez clearly states his platform is ending "corporate personhood", and many other issues such as Medicare For All, student loan debt help, green energy investments, end the drug war, and other very progressive stances. Find out more information on this candidate on his BumRushTheVote.net website here.

Check out Mr. Martinez in a Occupy Activist Music Video below, and don't forget to register to vote, and vote in this November's election. From the city council, to state delegates, to US Senators and the President, it is important for democracy if everyone "Bum Rushes The Vote!", and overrides the money corruption in our elections. To start your voter registration process go to Smart.gov here and click on the state you live in. There is also a "National Mail Voter Registration Form" that you can use to register to vote anywhere in the United States, and all states are required by law to accept it, and you can get that on the FEC's website here.

Tom Morello leads the Guitarmy

MAY 14, 2012 – Tom Morello led a Guitarmy through the streets of New York, with everyone singing "This Land is Your Land" in support of the 99% and Artisan News Service has a great video including an interview and him leading the troops to battle with their songs. Check out the video below.


Occupy Guitarmy is seeking 1000 musicians for May Day Music March

APR 23, 2012 – A group of New York area musician activists have formed "Occupy Guitarmy", and seek to gather 1000 guitarists, from beginner to shredder, in a massive May Day Music March on May 1, 2012 in Bryant Park. It is the brainchild of Occupy Wall Street Music Group, and they have put together the songs they want to play that day all on a website, chords and all, for everyone to practice and learn before the march. There will be 1000 guitarists all playing and singing "One Guitar", "We Shall Not Be Moved", "Worldwide Rebel Songs""El Pueblo Unido" and of course the classic "This Land is Your Land".

They have people there willing to help you learn guitar, and they also encourage others to form their Occupy Guitarmy in their hometown. Check out their website here.

Here is their Press Release:

"New York, NY (Occupy Wall Street)—Legions of guitarists, string players, singers, and DIY-shaker makers will converge on Bryant Park May 1, 2012 for Occupy Guitarmy, part of the Occupy Wall Street May Day actions for social and economic justice.

Occupy Guitarmy is a large gathering of New York-area guitarists and string players from complete beginner to master shredder, from bedroom artist to legend. All are equal in this guitarmy. We play and march to support Occupy, to raise our voices, to recognize each other was musicians, music workers, community. We ask all New York City-area guitarists and string players to join us on this day."


Video: “American Nitemare” by Rebel Diaz – Occupy the Airwaves

MAR 27, 2012 – Activist rapper Rebel Diaz has released a new song on Occupy the Airwaves with his new song, "American Nitemare", where he asks people from the inner city "not to leave when you get that degree" and saying we need to help the inner cities who are struggling, like planting trees, creating jobs and fixing the schools. The video was directed by Mateo Zapata, produced by DJ Dez Andres, and he was helped out by Windy City of God. Check it out below.

More Praise for Springsteen’s New Album “Wrecking Ball”

MAR 22, 2012 – There is more praise for Bruce Springsteen's new album "Wrecking Ball", this time by Leonard Pitts Jr. on NationalMemo.com, saying that Bruce "captures the state of America". He goes on to say that Bruce is "one of the elder statesmen of American popular music," and with the songs on the new album "delivers what might fairly be called a State of the Union Address. And if that sounds grandiose for a rock album, so be it. But know that, for all the manicured eloquence of the constitutionally mandated report President Obama delivered in January, the new Bruce Springsteen album, "Wrecking Ball," captures more raw emotional truth about the state of the American Dream than any politician ever could."

Read more on NationalMemo.com here.