Josh Fox accepting Emmy Award for Gasland

Back in January of 2011, JTMP helped get the word out on the dangers of the issue of "fracking", where hundreds of toxic chemicals are shot into rock to fracture them and extract more natural gas, but polluting the drinking water table. Hundreds of people have gotten sick, their wells destroyed, and even their kitchen faucets catch on fire. 

Our JTMP HD Video we released, along with the song, "Freakin Frackin" by Op-Critical, has scenes from the documentary "Gasland" by Josh Fox. On Saturday, September 17, Josh won an Emmy Award for  Outstanding Direction for Non-Fiction Programming, and had this to say to the President, "President Obama, I hope you are paying attention. We cannot allow America to turn into a gas field."

Watch "Freakin Frackin" by Op-Critical below.

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