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Josh Fox Creates “A Solar Home Companion”

Activist-Musician-Filmmaker Goes on Tour With Americana Variety Show to Foment Pro-Renewable Energy Grassroots Activism MAR 7, 2015 – Banjo-player Josh Fox, best known for his award-winning “Gasland” and “Gasland II” films highlighting the environmental risks associated with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas but better known as “Fracking”, has created and launched “A Solar Home Companion”, […]

JTMP part of anti-fracking roundtable discussion with Jason from Tour De Frack, Josh Fox, Bill McKibben and more

UPDATE! July 29, 2012 12:00 PM –  VIDEO OF PANEL AND Q&A BELOW!

July 28, 2012JTMP was at St. Stephen Church of DC to be a part of a anti-fracking panel discussion and acoustic guitar concert with activists from all parts of the country. Tour De Frack was there, along with Josh Fox, Bill McKibben, and even farmers that have been devastated by hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking"; telling stories of dry wells, sickness, and property value loss. JTMP live streaed the event on our JTMP UStream TV Channel, so people who could not make it could be a part of it.

The day  started out with citizen activists gathering at St. Stephen Church, and then being sent out on various actions to let our voice be heard, "No Fracking!".  Later, everyone gathered back at the church to be part of a panel discussion featuring not only Jason from Tour De Frack, and filmmaker Josh Fox, author/activists Bill McKibben; but also farmers from all over America who have had their animals get sick and die, wells running dry, and all sorts of horror stories as a result of the destructive and harmful practice of fracking. We wil post the video in its entirety shortly, so check back, and as always check our JTMP YouTube Channel and Subscribe!

There was also a lot of activist music, with local DC activist musician Renard Cohen playing his anti-fracking song and telling people of the documentary that will be coming out called "Groundswell". Also, I got up on stage and sang two of my activist songs, "Rise Up" and "Occupy Everywhere", and warmed up the crowd for Zach. Zach biked down from Pennsylvania with Tour De Frack, and sang a few of his great songs, including one very anti-fracking song called, "I Want a Future Too". Check back all week as we will be processing and releasing videos of all these performances all this week.

Check out Pics from the event at our JTMP Facebook Page! The entire 2 hour video panel and Q&A is below, use the mouse to fast forward and watch various chapters for there are some good speakers including farmers devastated by fracking.

Josh Fox wins Emmy for Outstanding Direction for Non-Fiction

Josh Fox accepting Emmy Award for Gasland

Back in January of 2011, JTMP helped get the word out on the dangers of the issue of "fracking", where hundreds of toxic chemicals are shot into rock to fracture them and extract more natural gas, but polluting the drinking water table. Hundreds of people have gotten sick, their wells destroyed, and even their kitchen faucets catch on fire. 

Our JTMP HD Video we released, along with the song, "Freakin Frackin" by Op-Critical, has scenes from the documentary "Gasland" by Josh Fox. On Saturday, September 17, Josh won an Emmy Award for  Outstanding Direction for Non-Fiction Programming, and had this to say to the President, "President Obama, I hope you are paying attention. We cannot allow America to turn into a gas field."

Watch "Freakin Frackin" by Op-Critical below.