Oakland's Museum Of Children's Art's Epic, Shameful Fail

Photo credits: mecaforpeace.org

We here at Justice Through Music Project, a national non-profit that focuses on the impact of art and music on young people around the world, strongly condemn the September 8th decision by the Oakland, California Museum of Children's Art (MOCHA) to cancel a planned exhibit of art created by children of Gaza during the last war in Gaza. More than 250 children were killed and more than 1000 were injured during that three week war. 

"In dictatorships, art is censored because authorities do not want the population to see the truth," said JTM Director Brett Kimberlin. "And now, here in the land of the free, thugs masquerading as activists, have forced MOCHA to buckle to keep art, as seen from the eyes of children, from being shared with the public. These children, who have no political or religious agenda, innocently expressed themselves in very poignant ways yet they have been censored by those with an agenda because they don't like what the children portrayed. While it is antithetical to a free society to censor such works, it is shameful that a museum that professes to exhibit children's art would cower under pressure from a handful of belligerents who gleefully cheered when the exhibit was cancelled. We urge MOCHA to fire all those board members who voted to cancel the exhibit and to establish strong written standards prohibiting censorship of and outside influence on future exhibits."

JTM works with artists around the world to express themselves through their art, and to challenge injustice and abuse of power wherever it arises.

Read our press release here, check out the Middle East Childrens Alliance website for more information on this, and watch a video of the art made by the Children of Gaza, Art of War below:



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