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DC and Oregon Lift Cannabis Prohibition

CANNABIS ONLY LEGAL IN RESIDENCE IN DC, FLORIDA MEDICAL CANNABIS MEASURE FALLS SHORT NOV 5, 2014 – There were three very important election results from yesterday’s elections across the nation concerning cannabis. First, Oregon voters went  to the polls and have voted to lift the prohibition on cannabis, and allow citizens to consume cannabis legally. DC…

Freedom for Cigarettes but No Freedom for Medical Cannabis? – Veteran Discusses His Use of Medical Cannabis to Treat PTSD

APR 8, 2014 – JTMP attended the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2014 here in DC sponsored by Americans for Safe Access and a few others to bring together medical cannabis patients, activists, doctors, botanical experts, food and drug law advocates, medical cannabis business industry representatives, and others to form a plan on how we move forward to expand the rights of patients nationwide who will benefit from medical cannabis treatment. Although things are moving "fast", Maryland passed a Medical Cannabis Program Bill yesterday while the conference was happening, there are still a lot of battles to fight. 48 of the 50 states (and DC, territories, etc.) remain in the insane 1920's prohibitionist mode and deny millions of patients the medicine they need to ease their suffering, and in some cases HEAL. JTMP will have a video of a man whose wife was HEALED by medical cannabis, and he has the lab test results to prove it, so stand by for that also. This is an exciting week.

I haven't yet finished the Unity Conference 2014 video series I am going to be releasing this week of panels discussing botanical medicines, cannabinoids and other exciting topics at the conference (stand by!); but we did an interview with TJ Thompson, a Navy vet who uses medical cannabis to treat his PTSD, and it was so moving I just had to get it out. TJ lives in Virginia, and even though a recent Quinnipiac Poll shows 84% of Virginians want this vet who has served his country to have his medicine available to him, many elected officials continue to resist enacting a medical cannabis program. Which brings me to the topic of my blog. Last week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel raised the hackles of many by suggesting (gasp!) that the US government not sell poison (cigarettes) through the PX and commissaries on US military bases. (I am an army brat so I know what those are, but for those who don't know they are basically the grocery and drug store on base) Secretary Hagel pointed out that tobacco related illnesses cost the military well over a billion dollars a year in health care costs to treat. So fiscal conservatives who hate wasteful government spending rallied behind him right? Well, not quite. People started screaming that the "freedom for the soldier to buy cigarettes is being infringed!" and foam came out of their mouth. When I saw how medical cannabis is helping this vet TJ below treat his PTSD I thought: Will these same people fight for this and other vets, active duty, and even regular citizens the freedom to have safe and easy access to legal medical cannabis, as hard as they fight for that soldier or vet to have poison (cigarettes)? (Spoiler: They won't) What are your thoughts? Start up a discussion on our JTMP Facebook Page! Watch our interview of TJ Thompson below.

ASA Kicks Off 2014 National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference

APR 5, 2014 – Americans For Safe Access, together with medical marijuana patients and activists, cannabis industry representatives, and experts kicked off the 2014 National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference in Washington, D.C. today, and JTMP attended. From the feel of the crowd and the energy, medical cannabis advocacy may have some problems and issues to work out, but I can tell you that the movement has a tremendous amount of energy and momentum right now. Things are happening fast, and there was a lot of information to take in just the first day. There were people from Tennessee, California, South Carolina, everywhere. There were panels and meetings, and there will be a citizen lobbying day on Capitol Hill on Monday to cap it all off. [Click Read More for rest of blog…]

Medical Marijuana Patients and Activists Gather in DC April 5-7 For Unity Conference

APR 4, 2014 – Medical marijuana and activists wishing to secure, expand and raise awareness of the plight of medical marijuana patients will gather in DC this weekend for the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference. There will be companies showcasing their research into using the CBD cannabinoid to fight cancer, as well as speakers, exhibits; to be capped off by a citizen lobbying effort on Capitol Hill to fight for the rights of people suffering from diseases that could be helped by medical marijuana. JTMP will be there covering the event, and we will have blogs and video of many of the speakers and events, so check back. Read more about the event on the Americans for Safe Access website.

George Michael’s Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol Displays Need to Be Cautious on Medical and Recreational Marijuana

MAR 18, 2014 – With all the awesome motivation behind repealing marijuana prohibition and medical marijuana programs being enacted across the country, JTMP reminds our supporters that even though we are 100% firmly behind this movement and we are not letting up, we would like to point out that recreational and medical marijuana use is NOT for everyone, and certainly not for brains under the age of 25. A recent article by DailyMail details how George Michael abused recreational marijuana (also along with alcohol and pills) so be careful out there folks and make responsible decisions. Don't drink and drive, and don't smoke and drive. JTMP recommends that if you are considering recreational marijuana use, that you wait until your brain fully forms, which is about the age of 25. Let's use common sense and make responsible decisions; but JTMP doesn't want a nanny state government telling us if and when we can and cannot enjoy recreational marijuana. That is up to the individual. Leave the ones alone that are responsible, and arrest the ones that break the law; and get rehab and treatment for people who abuse it like we do to drunk drivers and alcoholics. Recreational and medical marijuana users just want to be treated equally, fairly, and justly.

JTMP would also like to point out that medical marijuana is not for everyone and not for every health issue. Although it has been shown to cure cancer and many other diseases, many times it is used simply as a treatment to alleviate pain. If you are considering using medical marijuana, please seek a competent and licensed doctor, and only under their recommendation and guidance should you try it. Some cautions to watch out for is Sativa strains of medical marijuana have a very strong "head buzz" that can cause anxiety and psychotic attacks, but that is very rare. The "body high" relaxing Indica strains might be better for you. Get informed and educated on the different strains of medical marijuana and the different cannabinoids that have such great health benefits before making a decison and trying it. Ask your doctor, the pharmacist at the dispensary, and there are many websites where you can get information on strains and cannabinoids such as Leafly.com and SCLabs.com.

All we Progressives ask is that adults have the right to access recreational and/or medical marijuana safely and legally, and get this nanny prohibitionist state off our back. There are people who abuse alcohol and prescription pills every day, yet we allow the alcohol and pill prescription system to conduct commerce; all we ask is the marijuana and hemp industry have that same right. For more information and how to get involved in expanding recreational and medical marijuana in your state, please visit Marijuana Policy Project and sign the petition demanding President Obama remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 Category of the Substance Abuse Act. For information on expanding medical marijuana rights for patients or yourself, please visit Americans For Safe Access; and a reminder JTMP will be covering the ASA Unity Conference April 5th-7th here in DC so check back!  (Photo credit: Laurie Avocado/CC)

National Cannabis Industry Association Lobby Week

MAR 13, 2014 – It's National Cannabis Industry Association Lobby Week here in DC, and entrepreneur job creating marijuana merchants are descending on Capitol Hill and visiting US Representatives and Senators and lobbying for many things such as allowing banks to do business with them instead of always having to deal in cash (and some banks wont take cash smelling like marijuana), and removing marijuana from the Schedule 1 List; because marijuana has been clearly shown to have a myriad of medicinal uses. This is grassroots citizen-lobbying at the grassroots level demanding our government servants respond to the needs and wishes of the public that elected them and pays their salary. It is time the federal government once and for all clarify marijuana and hemp as 100% legal commodities in our market, and allow these job creators a free and fair market to do their work in. JTMP urges you to call your US Representative, and tell them to support Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR) and his letter demanding President Obama remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. The DEA acts under the Executive Branch, and President Obama DOES have the power to remove it, regardless of what he may say in public. To find out more check out the National Cannabis Industry Association website.

Medical Marijuana Activist Brings Marijuana Musical to Stage

JAN 8, 2014 – Jon Leavitt, musician and longtime medical marijuana activist in Maine, has put his activism and his music together in a musical called "Somewhere Maine: The Marijuana Musical" that delves into the live of people living in a community of growers and patients in Maine. The play will have 8 acts, and will debut in Portland this spring. The play comes from real stories Leavitt had dealing with people in medical marijuana commerce. Leavitt says, "I think the story needs to be told and I think to put it into a format with song and dance and theater makes it accessible to people." The story centers around Johnny Crashed, a medical marijuana farmer who has his children taken away from him by the government as a result. Leavitt was executive director of the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative, a group that helped shape and pass the 2009 law that stopped the government from infringing on the peoples' right to have access to medical marijuana. He is currently runs a small medical marijuana farm, and has formed  Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, a trade organization for small scale cultivators. Watch Jon Leavitt and friends perform "Home School Christian Girl" below, and read more on SunJournal.com here.

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