MAY 28, 2014 – Medical Cannabis is a very important medical civil right that JTMP has fought for and supported over the years, and we feel it is important to inform the public from time to time on this fast-growing natural medicine being embraced by millions of Americans for a myriad of uses, and the various states considering or enacting legal medical cannabis in their state.

NEW YORK – New York’s state senate has recently passed a bill (that is still in committee) legalizing medical cannabis in near-death cases, but the Democratic-led state assembly on Tuesday passed a different bill legalizing medical cannabis for New Yorkers. This new bill has to make it through some committees, but is considered by medical cannabis activists to be the better bill. Gov. Cuomo is open to medical cannabis but says he wants to read whatever bill that is passed by both chambers first. Read more on Syracuse.com here, and TokeoftheTown here.

MARYLAND – The Maryland assembly has passed a medical cannabis bill recently, the program is still being set up. Meanwhile, a Maryland mother, whose two kids have Miller-Dieker syndrome and have seizures that can be alleviated with medical cannabis, has started a letter writing campaign to US AG Eric Holder asking him to remove cannabis from the Schedule I category of drugs, for it DOES have a myriad of medical uses. Read more on FrederickNewsPost.com here.

FLORIDA – Florida will be voting on a medical cannabis law on the ballot in November, so campaigns to support it are underway. One group is “CannaMoms”, 3 mothers coming together to advocate for medical cannabis for their children and others. Check out an interview of CannaMoms on WTSP.com here, and check out the CannaMoms Facebook Page here.

MINNESOTA – Gov. Dayton is just days away from signing the bill already passed by the state legislatures, and Minnesotans are only weeks away from finally having access to medical cannabis legally and safely. Easily wil remain to be seen. One non-profit called Realm Of Caring already has a waiting list of customers and is poised to charge out of the gate and get the medicine to patients as soon as possible. Read a good story on Realm Of Caring on KSTP.com here, and the Realm Of Caring website is here.

OKLAHOMA – A group calling itself Oklahomans For Health launched a petition drive today at the state capital to put medical cannabis on the ballot this fall. Good luck guys! Read more on KFOR.com here.

NORTH CAROLINA – North Carolina is considering a stupid “CBD oil only” bill that would leave out a a huge portion of patients in North Carolina that could benefit from medical cannabis. The bill needs to go through 2 committees, the state House, Senate and then of course signed by the Teabagger Gov. Pat McCrory. Read more on wncn.com here.

CALIFORNIA – The ACLU sued the city of Fresno that bans medical cannabis, read more on ACLU.org here.


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