Free Medical Cannabis for I Voted Stickers in San Jose



I voted medical cannabis free medical cannabis for i voted stickers in san jose

June 4, 2014 – Registering to vote and voting, especially in local elections, is what JTMP has always been about from the beginning and we always love to find and talk about ways we can get people to participate in elections more. I came across a tactic in San Jose that I think might work. San Jose, California voters on Election Day (who had a medical cannabis ID card) were able to exchange their “I Voted!” stickers for free or discounted medical cannabis at one of the ten participating collectives (dispensaries) thanks to a program put together by the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition, the California Medical Marijuana Association, collectives, and local activists. They are also working closely with, a local website that helps local voters find politicians that are medical cannabis friendly. The medical cannabis issue shows how important local elections are. Your local city council or state assembly will get you your medical cannabis, not your federal Representative or US Senator. JTMP urges our supporters to really pay extra close attention to your local elections and elected officials.

San Jose is very strange when it comes to medical cannabis, for it was ruled illegal in 2012, but the city doesn’t have money to pay cops to raid the 78 collectives, so they operate illegally right out in the open. Read more about this on bay area local news website

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