Will Trump Ever Go Away?


Will Trump ever go away and leave us alone? That is the question many ponder today.

Trump News Will Trump Go Away

Every day Trump works hard to set himself up in the news cycle. He wants to be first and the media mostly allows him to get away with it. It’s free publicity for him, just like all the criminal charges are free publicity.

He knows when he goes into a courtroom the entire media ecosystem will be there covering every second of him gloating, glaring, looking mad, angry whatever, all for his hillbilly support base. They are the cultists who think he’s still President and President Biden is only President in DC, while Trump is President of the rest of the country.

These supporters refuse to admit they are in a demonic cult. And the media just gobbles it up like its Christmas candy in a stocking. Meanwhile, World War 3 is soon to be upon us and is being run by the real Commander in Chief, President Joe Biden. All this talk about Trump however is wearing thin. If you look at the top stories right now this is what you will see.

Trump compares himself to Mandela and rails against Biden after filing for New Hampshire primary — Former President Donald Trump compared himself to anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela on Monday as he cast himself as the victim of federal and state prosecutors he alleges are targeting him and his businesses for political reasons.

Trump’s lawyers argue DC fed’l charges unconstitutional, should be tossed — The lawyers argue the indictment violates the First Amendment, due process, and double jeopardy protections in one of four late-night filings Monday. — In a late-night filing Monday, Donald Trump’s lawyers argued …

Trump presses ‘presidential immunity’ defense in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit — The argument resembles the aggressive immunity defense that Trump’s lawyers are raising in one of his criminal cases. — NEW YORK — A lawyer for Donald Trump told a federal appeals court on Monday …

Trump Bizarrely Declares ‘I Was Never Indicted’ After Being Indicted Four Times — Former President Donald Trump took questions from reporters after officially filing for the GOP New Hampshire primary on Monday and oddly seemed to claim he was never indicted.

Trump defiant as political and legal worlds collide — He lets loose after temporary gag order reprieve. — DERRY, N.H. — Other criminal defendants might play it safe when a gag order they’ve been subjected to gets temporarily lifted. — Donald Trump is not your average defendant.

Fact check: Trump falsely claims the US had no terrorist attacks during his presidency — Former President Donald Trump made numerous false claims in a campaign speech Monday in New Hampshire. — Trump falsely claimed that the United States had no terrorist attacks during his presidency.

Trump claims Sidney Powell was ‘never’ his lawyer after her plea deal

This is the insanity that Trump requires in his life. Always being the top story. When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, Trump was suddenly not even in the top stories, nor was he even in the bottom of the page. He was for a shortwhile, maybe several days, relegated to the dustbin portion of the trash can. And I must tell you it was glorious to finally start reading something non-Trump related for a change.

But the media, tiring of the imminent non invasion of the Gaza strip by the IDF, has decided to go back to Trump Trump Trump, all day, all night, because the public must get their jollies off on the latest Trump reality TV series. This beggers the question: when oh when will we finally be done with Trump and his hillbilly ilk?

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