Right Wing Extremism

Jordan Klepper Owns Deeply Clueless Trump Fans

I've seen these Trump supporters many times on Twitter videos. They are brain dead zombies who really don't know why they support Trump or haven't heard of anything concerning Trumps criminality or are just brain dead on the reasons they support Trump.

Trump Gets Minor Gag Order

This is another in a long series of liberals playing fair with right wing lunatics. The Judge in the case acted appalled at Trumps past statements, wanting to execute people yada yada yada. But she granted in part and denied in part the gag order.

Steve Scalise drops out of Speaker’s race

See, this is what I have been saying. The Speakers race is all just a game to the GOP. Once you think everything is set and done, then chaos happens, and oh look, surprise surprise surprise, the Speaker has not been chosen.

House GOP Leaders Fret Over Lack of Speaker

Like these dumb bastards in the GOP don't know what's going on or what to do. They know exactly what they are doing, delay, delay, delay. Sound familiar? Yes, that is how Trump operates

Hillary Clinton says MAGA extremists may need formal deprogramming

They will need to be brought to deprogramming centers, probably at GITMO, then spend at least 10 years there for full deprogramming before they are allowed back into the United States. Like in Dune, Yueh was marked with a dot on his forehead after he was deprogrammed showing that he could be trusted, the same will have to be done to MAGA extremists, marked on their forehead with a trust tattoo.