US Plans Massive Middle East Evacuations


The United States is planning a worst-case scenario of massive evacuations of American citizens in the Middle East in case things blow up beyond their ability to deal with it.

Us Prepares Mass Evacuations Of US Citizens From Middle East

Officials said that the more than 600,000 Americans living in Israel and Lebanon are of particular concern, but they stressed that an operation of such magnitude is a worst-case scenario.

The planning covers 600,000 Americans in Israel, as well as other countries in the region, including Lebanon.

Militant group wants fuel to be included in aid flowing into Gaza, but Israel refuses, saying it could end up in Hamas’s hands.

The Biden administration is readying plans for the potential evacuation of hundreds of thousands of US citizens from the Middle East if the conflict between Palestine and Israel escalates, The Washington Post reported, citing sources.

This speaks plenty about what is really going on behind the scenes. It’s all about getting the hostages released. And until that happens, it’s a pause in the potential for a massive war in the Middle East. The Mullahs are all relevant again and playing their games on the world stage, with the media exposure that was for a few moments bigger than all of Trump’s media exposure in the last 4 years combined. And of course, the Mullahs are reveling in it.

They will do nothing but claim they want this or want that from Israel and the United States, and until they squeeze every last drop of aid and promises of this or that, they will hold onto those hostages forever. A few here and there will get released, because in hostage negotiation 101, the negotiators always force a few to be released based on good faith and so forth. They release a few, they get a few things, then they release a few more, and they get a few more things. And on and on it will go.

The kidnappers claim they have 222 hostages, up from last weeks 125. The number, like the death counts, continue to climb, which makes it confusing as to how many hostages there are, and how many people have actually died. On the death counts one wonders who is standing around when bombs are going off and making a count of the shattered bodies, and then relaying that to some other death counter who keeps a tally of how many have died this morning, this afternoon and this evening and beyond.

With the hostages, we were initially led to believe that there were only about 125 at first, then 150, then 199, then 205, then 210 and now 222. It’s hard to say how many hostages they actually have. But in asking that, someone has to count them all and relay that information to someone else. That means to count them, they all have to be in the same place or each cell that holds hostages has to report into a main cell the count they have, so it can get reported to another counter, who then releases that to the media.

If we are talking 222 hostages, that could mean that as they dribble out it could be years before all of them are released. Israel fought over one hostage for 5 years, and then had to relase 1000 Palistenian prisoners in echange for him. So, if we were to play the same timelines as then, 222 hostages could take years to get them all back. Until then, the Gaza invasion is on hold and may never happen. But Iran and Hezbollah have started making statements that claim they are ready to ramp up attacks against Americans just because the game is afoot, and America is to them the evil empire needing destruction.

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