Trump Wants Milley Executed, Tries To Buy Gun, Wants Liberal News Outlets Shuttered For Treason


What a news week. Trump wants to have JCS Milley executed, then tried to buy a Glock gun, presumably to do it himself, and then said he wanted all media (mostly liberal media) that doesn’t support him as the greatest President ever, shutdown and charged with Treason. You can’t make this stuff up.

That being said though, one has to see the comedy in all of it. It’s so insane, and so out there, that there is no there, there. It’s all made up words and slogans to impress his hillbilly base of supporters who have had a hatred of the federal government, yet also fail to realize that the federal government supports them with their crazy disability checks.

How anyone rational can support Trump these days with his ever-increasing insanity is a wonder in and of itself. But people do support him, even if they don’t know why.

These people are just plain dumb, and they seem to be in some sort of trance, and when asked why they support Trump, their answers are often clueless as to why, but all they know is that everything was wonderful when Trump was in, and everything went to hell when Trump was out.

Make this note however, the economy is on fire, jobs are everywhere, and almost a full employment picture was all because of Biden, not Trump. Under Trump, the pandemic was pretty much consuming his Presidency, and everything was pretty much shutdown for most of it, and the economy was in shambles while close to a million people died. yet everything was wonderful to them, as if the pandemic never happened.

These people are literally zombies on this earth in that they can’t seem to recognize how bad things were under Trump. But under Biden, with everything going full steam, all they can do is criticize him and talk about the Biden crime family, even though the Trump crime family is the real thing.

So, the military that these right-wing zombies always loved is now nothing but treasonous, and people want to test the theory that Trump could shoot someone and not lose a vote, and it’s OK to them to execute the Joint Chief of Staff Milley for treason all because Trump wants him executed. And oh yeah, they still want to “Hang Mike Pence” as if that rallying cry is forever in their lexicon much like “lock her up” was during Trump’s 2016 run when talking about Hillary Clinton.

And did they build the wall? No. Did they get Mexico to pay for it? No. It was all a string of lies based on made up bullshit slogans that was tailored to the crazies to eat like red meat. And they fell for it. And even if you ask them today why they fell for it, they come back with it was the liberals who blocked it all. The liberals were not in charge, the Republicans were, yet they believe with a passion that liberals are the devil and were responsible for defeating Trump’s plans, and all of them need to be executed, and that God said they should be executed, as if Jesus would somehow agree.

It’s funny how they all believe that God runs the show while Jesus is on a permanent vacation. I guess in their worldview Jesus was executed because he was a liberal and against God, so God threw him under the bus and hung him like Mike Pence.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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