In this day and age when war rages on in Ukraine, and civil war is brewing at home, and a former President is under a massive federal investigation for so many crimes people have lost count, and a media conglomerate (CNN) that sold out their viewers to allow that former President to spew propaganda, and the constant chitter chatter of Florida banning everyone from everything legally, you’d think one of those topics would be the main headline on wingnut central at Drudge Report.

Instead, what we are treated to is a massive headline that Drudge has finally been given access to an actual story. A story I might add that he hasn’t had since the Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton scandal. And lo and behold he has been given access to a massive nothingburger. A channel lineup change at Fox News, giving Hannity (they got no one else) the top 8pm Tucker Carlson slot. Wow, huge news I tell you. huge. And this has meaning in some way that Fox is going to change their game up and deliver the same pablum they’ve been delivering for years. Wow, now that’s a huge story for sure. NOT.

IT’S OUR BOLDEST AND MOST FEARLESS LINE-UP EVER….. Screams the topper headline. Wow, so what Fox is saying is: that after all the lies, and all the Russian propaganda they’ve been responsible for putting out, and all the destruction they’ve wrought on America, that moving Hannity to the 8pm slot is their BOLDEST AND MOST FEARLESS MOVE EVER? My god, we are so screwed as a nation when this is the biggest news of the day..

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