And this will add 3.5 trillion dollars to the debt, while cutting out all those pesky entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans benefits. But oh boy look out, the rich have got to have their 3.5 trillion-dollar tax cuts extended or else all hell is going to break loose.

You see this is what happened during Trump. He came in and his signature priority was to cut taxes for the rich while sticking it to the poor, who are mostly liberals and are those “other” they hate so much. Remember these scumbags?

Yeah, that’s them selling out America for the top 1 percent, which added huge deficits that the rich GOP now wants to get rid of by cutting benefits for the rest of America. Counting on Medicare when you get old? Forget it, it won’t be worth 2 cents by the time you get to sign up for it. Depend on Medicaid? Forget it, it won’t be worth having. Thinking about drawing on social security when you retire? Yeah, you can forget that money too, because by the time the GOP Republicans are done grabbing the money you and everyone else put into for your whole life, there won’t be much of it left to give you because they spent it all giving it to those rich billionaires.

It’s time for the pitchforks people. It’s time to grab those pitchforks and start planning on how best to fix this country. And one of the best ways to start fixing it is sticking it to the rich every time you see them. But that’s just my opinion. But truth be told, the rich fear this the most. They fear the people finally rising up with the pitchforks and coming after them. That is a fact.

Absolutely damned right buddy.

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