Director Colin Tilley Makes Epic-like Video Worthy of Award

Credit: Eurofan88/CC
Kendrick Lamar, 2013 – Credit: Eurofan88/CC

DEC 28, 2015 – Rapper Kendrick Lamar has teamed up with director Colin Tilley for a music video of his song, “Alright“, and it is a great production you must watch, and in JTMP’s opinion worthy of nominations and awards, specifically for any activist or social message song or video categories. In the video are images of inner-city cops, and it raps about the current tragedy we have with young kids being gunned down in our cities, and the tough life many face in our society. The rap comes back around to we’re going to be “Alright”, and seems to me to have a nice chill air about it. Watch the epic-like music video of “Alright” below.

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]


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