Musician Steve Tyler allows use of his song “Dream On” and to perform at UNITE event

AUG 28, 2015 – Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s vocalist, has allowed the use of his classic rock song “Dream On” to be used in the first video by UNITE To Face Addiction announcing the October 4, 2015 event here in DC, to raise awareness on the issue of addiction and to advocate for treatment not incarceration. An “Advocacy Day” will send activists to Congress in a citizen lobbying effort to ask for increased funding for public rehabilitation centers. Addiction recovery spending is always the first on the chopping block by US Representatives, governors and mayors when they are “trimming the budget”. UNITE says in a statement, “We are just over a month away from the rally and it is time for all of us to begin to “Dream On” about what it will feel like to stand shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of people on the National Mall in Washington, DC to finally address the most pressing health crisis of our time.”

Many musical acts will play at the UNITE event, and JTMP plans to interview and record performances and will post them on our JTMP YouTube Channel. Watch the powerful UNITE video below, and go to the UNITE website and Pledge to come to the DC event in October, or become an Ambassador for the important event. Addiction is a health issue, not a criminal one, and we need to address is so.

[youtube width=”420″ height=”230″][/youtube]


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