Outspoken Rapper-Activist Speaks about Racism in America

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August 3, 2015 – OG Maco, well known for being a musical-activist and speaking his mind about issues, didn’t hold back as usual in an interview on Boombox.com. OG spoke about racism, Donald Trump and even Bree Newsome, the heroine activist who scaled the flag pole and took down the Confederate battle flag on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse grounds. When asked about the recent series of black churches being burned down OG responded, “We will burn as many Confederate flags we can get our hands on. We will burn as many Nazi flags that we can get our hands on. We will burn as many apartheid flags that we can get our hands on.” When asked about what his role as a musician and artist plays in the war against black oppression OG said, “We need to march; we need to speak on it. As artists, we need to continue to make these performance pieces that show our people to keep fighting.”

As for The Donald, OG’s take on him was, “…that’s America. The country where you can be racist to the people who built your fortune. That is what Americans do. They call us n—–s and these are same n—–s that built the foundation of this country.”  Read more on Boombox below. (photo credit: OG Maco Facebook)

Read More on Boombox: OG Maco Sounds Off on Racism in America, Donald Trump and Black Churches Burning [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] | http://theboombox.com/og-maco-racism-donald-trump-interview/?trackback=tsmclip

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