OCT 23, 2014 – JTMP has always relied heavily on video media through the years to urge young people to vote, raise awareness on issues, and hopefully inspire activism and positive action in the community. We have been at it since the early days of YouTube, when all we had was a small camera and Windows Movie Maker. 8 years later, JTMP has grown into an outfit that now has several high definition video cameras, and a Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro to do our video editing on.

JTMP's First and Latest Camera!
JTMP’s first camera from 2006, which used 1 hour tapes, to our latest camera that uses an SD Chip and can record 10 times as much.

Through those years we have used our YouTube Channel to get our videos out, and we reached an important milestone this week, for we surpassed the 2 Million View count on our Channel! JTMP has very loyal supporters on YouTube, and our exclusive JTMP Activist Music Videos like “Freakin’ Frackin” or “Paradise – Keystone Pipeline” raise awareness on particular issues as well as entertain, and is a JTMP trademark. So, if you want to be entertained and see some cool music videos that also have a political edge, then head on over to our JTMP YouTube Channel! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! When you subscribe, you will be notified of any cool new videos we put out, and can even join our “JTMP Loyal Supporters” group to get exclusive content.  With over 40,000 views, below is the Top Viewed JTMP Activist Music Video, “Countdown”. This is a music video we did in partnership with Op-Critical and Ploughshares Fund, and was released in conjunction with the great documentary on nuclear proliferation “Countdown to Zero” by Magnolia Pictures.

Special thanks goes to House of Jam Recording Studios for all the support and being a part of all this, without Dave and HOJ the music would not be as good as it is, and that is a fact. Thanks also to all the musicians and activists that helped out over the years, too numerous to mention. Thanks for the support through the years everyone, and here is to another 8 years of rattling the cage with activist music!

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″]http://youtu.be/zeA8khuf2HM[/youtube]


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