AUG 30, 2013 – Crazy Uncle Ted is at it again, this time in an email interview with rightwing rag calling the Obama Administration a "regime", and saying they are "criminal" and dismantling "the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind." He also then mind farts, "As an American constantly attacked by the leftist goons in the media & politics, I am performing the most important office in the land; we the people spotlighting cockraches. Nothing is off the table, and I can and will do whatever is necessary to oust the enemies of America from their corrupt stranglehold on us." Is Nugent referring to armed insurrection by him and the Teabagger gunnuts? He then incredulously stole the civil rights struggle's mantra mind farting, "I am encouraging and inspiring more and more Americans to stand up to the scammers and gun runners and racists in office across the land. We shall overcome." OMFG. Once again, Teabaggers are calling the people who point out racism "racists". To read the entire mind fart interview from the insane Teabag mind of Ted Nugent, go to here.

By Viktor

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