SEP 24, 2012 – Tomorrow, September 25, 2012, will be National Voter Registration Day. JTMP urges everyone to register to vote, and Get Out and Vote! Even if you think you are registered, it is a good idea to verify and update your voting registration information, and to check out and new voter ID state laws that may require you to bring a photo ID or some form of identification. JTMP is totally against these voter suppression efforts, but for now let's make sure your vote is heard. Meanwhile, we urge you to contact your elected officials and tell them to stop these voter suppression efforts such as voter ID laws.

Usher has gotten together with Our Time and made a PSA video urging his fans and others to take part in the political process. In the video he says, "When you really understand the effective change that happens as a result of coming together, pooling an effort, that is when you begin to see the difference. This is when your voice really matters. This is the time that you should engage. This is the time when you can make a difference." Register to VOTE on Our Time's website by clicking here. Host an event and register voters in your area! To find out how, check out the National Voter Registration Day website HERE, and watch the Usher video below.

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