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September 25 is National Voter Registration Day

SEP 24, 2012 – Tomorrow, September 25, 2012, will be National Voter Registration Day. JTMP urges everyone to register to vote, and Get Out and Vote! Even if you think you are registered, it is a good idea to verify and update your voting registration information, and to check out and new voter ID state laws that may require you to bring a photo ID or some form of identification. JTMP is totally against these voter suppression efforts, but for now let's make sure your vote is heard. Meanwhile, we urge you to contact your elected officials and tell them to stop these voter suppression efforts such as voter ID laws.

Usher has gotten together with Our Time and made a PSA video urging his fans and others to take part in the political process. In the video he says, "When you really understand the effective change that happens as a result of coming together, pooling an effort, that is when you begin to see the difference. This is when your voice really matters. This is the time that you should engage. This is the time when you can make a difference." Register to VOTE on Our Time's website by clicking here. Host an event and register voters in your area! To find out how, check out the National Voter Registration Day website HERE, and watch the Usher video below.

Young, Progressive Russians Deciding to Stay in Russia Instead of Fleeing

July 31, 2012 – Young, progressive Russians, who used to flee to other countries to get away from the brutal oppression of free speech and dissent by the government, are now deciding to stay and try and change things at home. Most notably is the women punk musician-activist band Pussy Riot that is challenging free speech restrictions by doing "actions". 3 members of the band were arrested in February of 2012 and are now on trial for singing an anti-Putin song at the cathedral of the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. They face charges of "hooliganism" and face up to 7 years in prison. Even their spouses are being attacked, such as the husband of one of the women arrested, Pyotr Verzilov, who had a Canadian passport when he was attending school in Toronto years ago and the Russian government flashed an image of his passport on TV and called it evidence that he and his wife are trying to "tear Russia apart". Read more on WashPo here, and also there is a good article about the trial on NBCNews.com here.

They are all part of a movement called "Voina", a group consisting of artists, musicians and others that stage provocative actions deliberately meant to test the boundaries of their freedoms and liberties, and challenge the government's authority. They call this "polical protest art"; and at least 20 criminal investigations have been launched against the group and its members. The government of Russia says the Art group VOINA, "is a left-wing radical anarchist collective whose central goal is to carry out PR actions directed against the authorities…" Check out the org's website and read about the many political prisoners in Russia consisting of journalists, artists and even regular activists trying to bring about progressive change in Russia on their website: http://en.free-voina.org/.

The trial has divided old Russia against the youth, and even spilled over to America as protesters held a rally in front of the Russian embassy here in Washington, DC on July 28, 2012 to protest what they see as government overreach and oppression of free speech. NME.com reports that many musicians have spoken out against the detention and prosecution of the women, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Franz Ferdinand. Check back because JTMP will be posting on this issue regularly, and will also have a video out soon. (photo credits: CC\Wiki)

Obama uses Executive Order to protect 800,000 young people from deportation

June 16, 2012 – Yesterday, in a press conference in the Rose Garden, President Obama announced he had just issued an executive order to halt the deportation of children who were brought by their parents to this country illegally. President Obama has become frustrated with Congress not passing the DREAM Act and dealing with this problem, so he decided to take a bold step and issue the order. He said in his statement It is only a temporary measure, and  it is NOT a path to citizenship; it is meant as a humanitarian gesture and to prod Congress into action. Obama said he hopes it provides a "degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people."

This order will protect as much as 800,000 young people from being deported, as long as they "do not present a risk to national security and public safety", and can prove a few things to the government. They have to prove they were brought to this country before they turned 16, and be under the age of 30. They must have lived in the US for at least 5 continuous years, have no criminal record, graduated high school or have a GED. If they served in the military that helps too.

President Obama and the Democrats want Congress to pass the DREAM Act, a path to citizenship for these young people if they go to college. Read more about the order on MiamiHerald.com here. To find out more about the DREAM Act, check out DreamAct.info. Below, watch President Obama's statement in the Rose Garden, including the reporter who interrupted him, from 11MOAX on YouTube.

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