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MAY 10, 2012 – Activist Erin Potts, who works with campaigns such as the Free Tibet movement with the Milarepa Fund, and musical activism with Air Traffic Control to name just two, has shared her memories and thoughts with the world about her experiences with Adam Yauch, a longtime friend of hers, in a letter on the ATC website. Together they started the Milarepa Fund through royalties on the Beastie Boys songs "Shambala" and "Bodhisattva Vow" to support Tibetan independence, and this paved the way for the popular Tibetan Freedom Concerts.

In her letter Potts says, "he didn’t just produce and perform at our concerts for Tibet. He also went to conferences and organized workshops. He was deeply strategic–most of the time–always passionate, and always welcoming. He believed in our team of inexperienced but determined 20-somethings, and our ability to do the impossible. And with that belief in us and in nonviolence, together we DID do the impossible. Never before has more fun been had while changing the world!!"

Read the letter on the ATC website here, and thanks to TibetArchive on YouTube for this clip of the Beastie Boys from one of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts from back in 1999.

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