MAY 9, 2012 – Vieux Farka Toure', the son of Malian music legend Ali Farka Toure',  is using his music and activism in Mali to bring about awareness and change for social issues, most recently helping out with getting mosquito nets to women in Mali, and lending his support to the Fight Malaria Campaign. He hopes to reinvent music, and reach out on a global scale and have an impact on the grassroots level with positive change. He also reaches out across borders and religions, and on his new album he plays with Israeli pianist Idan Raichel. A review of his album on says, "In a beautiful statement of musical transcendence, the rhythmically infectious album brings an Israeli Jew together with a Malian Muslim, soaring straight over the stale and outdated political dialogue of divisiveness, a strong image of the world that the young generation is making." Check out a performance video from Vieux below, and his website is here.

By Viktor

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