FEB 21, 2012 – Music has always been a part of activism and social change, and the Occupy movement is no exception. Recently, many activist bands have kicked out the jams at Occupy locations often to raise funds, and the word everyone is using is Roccupy! Just do a search for "Roccupy" on the Internet, and a myriad of local Roccupy groups and events come up from small towns and big cities across America. There are also tons of Roccupy Facebook Pages popping up, so check to see if there is a local chapter of Roccupy near you. For those of you living in the Virginia Beach area, there will be a Roccupy Virginia Beach benefit concert this Saturday, February 25, 2012 to help the activists out there Occupying Virginia Beach, read more here. Many Occupy musicians have even Roccupied public locations such as a Taco Bell (watch below).

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