FEB 20, 2012 – Coming off the heels of his great performance on the Grammys singing his new song from his new album "Wrecking Ball" titled "We Take Care of Our Own", Bruce spoke to a small group of reporters in France and said about Occupy and the broken promise of the American dream alluded to in the song, "Previous to Occupy Wall Street, there was no push back at all saying this was outrageous—a basic theft that struck at the heart of what America was about, a complete disregard for the American sense of history and community. Nobody had talked about income inequality in America for decades—apart from John Edwards, but no one was listening. But now you have Newt Gingrich talking about 'vulture capitalism' – Newt Gingrich! – that would not have happened without Occupy Wall Street." Watch a video of the event below.

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