Rolling Stone – Boots Riley: “Doing What’s Right. Not What’s Legal”

FEB 8, 2012 – Musician activist Boots Riley from the "radical" hip-hop group Coup, has been out in front with the Occupy Oakland movement. RS has a article out about him, here is an excerpt:

“Riley has been an activist since high school, when he spent a summer helping to organize migrant farm workers in central California. He says he was used to seeing twenty-five people show up at demonstrations, and in he past, he’s weighed his activism against what he might accomplish with his music, and generally chosen the music – so many more people could hear the message that way. "But with Occupy, I can’t use that same equation," Riley admits. "What we’re doing here gets a different message out, a stronger message out, to many more people than my music.””

Check out Boots Riley performing at Occupy Oakland below and read 
the full article on Rolling Stone here. (Photo credit: Bankrobber1/Wiki)


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