FEB 6, 2012 – Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers and Mike Mills, bassist from the recently defunct REM, have written a song and put out a video in protest to a massive 94,000 square foot complex that includes a WalMart in the heart of downtown Athens, Georgia. The song is called, "After It's Gone", and is a group of local musicians put together by Hood and called the Downtown 13.

The video refers people to the ProtectDowntowAthens.com website, where it says they are a group of concerned citizens that formed "to discuss our concerns with Selig’s proposed development of the A&D property. We were concerned with the design, the lack of interaction with local initiatives and the impact a development of this scale would have on the city we love. We were also frustrated by the lack of accurate information and meaningful dialogue."

For more information on this issue, check out www.ProtectDowntownAthens.com, and check out the video below.
(Photo credit: SaveRivers/Wiki)

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