FEB 6, 2012 – Occupy Palm Beach has been a model for Occupy movements for other cities. The government has granted them access to land, and even water and electricity, and everything has been peaceful and a model for free speech rights. However, the city of Palm Beach is asking for funds to pay for the electricity, water, and upkeep of the encampment. So the folks at Occupy Palm Beach are planning a benefit concert to raise funds. It is titled, "Benefit for the 99%", tentatively scheduled for the weekend of February 25.

On the Broward Palm Beach NewTimes Blog, Alex Rendon says "They are asking for a "little help from friends." So if you are a musician in tune with the 99 percent who would like to get down with the cause and/or are a performing artist in other media, including poets, dancers, and acrobats, you're also welcome. Contact occupypbc @ gmail.com to get involved." Read the full NewTimes Blog here.

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