Almost overnight, a group of non-violent protesters launched "#OccupyKST" to show solidarity with the protesters at Wall Street, and for what many of them have said has been a lack of media covering the event up in New York.

They chose McPherson Square first because under 500 people you do not need a permit, and secondly it is in the middle of the "K Street Corridor" that are the offices of the thousands of for-profit lobbyists that many protesters believe are the biggest reasons why are political system is so corrupt and paralyzed right now, and why people are suffering.

We will keep you updated on what we hear and see from down there, and JTMP will be down there on Thursday, October 6th for the launching of the Freedom Plaza Occupy DC event, and will post pics and video as the "occupation" unfolds so check back. Also, there is an Occupy DC website.

(Photo credit: Reuters/uPolitic)

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