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Nick Fuentes Fan Gets His Ass Beat Over Holocaust Denial

Nick Fuentes Fan Gets His Ass Beat Over Holocaust Denial and boy was it sweet to see. Nick Fuentes should get his effeminate butt cheeks beat the same way. But Nick Fuentes is a cowardly piece of shit and would never allow anyone to challenge his effeminate ass.

Woody Harrelson Comes Out For RFK Jr. Even Though His Father Was Suspected in JFK Assassination

I'm done with Woody Harrelson, just done. No amount of stupid bullshit like that type of support of RFK Jr. will sway me back to watching his movies or putting up with his bullshit schtick.

Michigan mom is charged with buying guns for son who threatened top Democrats

Any time you see these kids going on shooting rampages or getting caught with massive armaments always need to look at what is going on in the home. The parents always claim they were shocked by whatever outrage happened, but the reality is, the home is where they learned it from

Right Wingers Finally Kill James Larkin CEO Backpage

Right wingers finally kill James Larkin CEO of Backpage. They fomented their fake rage against him for years, calling him every name in the book.

Polls Claim Trump Leading DeSantis Despite Thinning Crowds

Polls claim Trump Is Leading DeSantis despite thinning crowds for both of them is like saying one prefers warm ketchup over cold. Neither candidate is doing well as crowd sizes start to thin out for every rally.