Nick Fuentes Fan Gets His Ass Beat Over Holocaust Denial


Nick Fuentes Fan Gets His Ass Beat Over Holocaust Denial and boy was it sweet to see. Nick Fuentes should get his effeminate butt cheeks beat the same way. But Nick Fuentes is a cowardly piece of shit and would never allow anyone to challenge his effeminate ass.

Story below:

Natan Levy’s opponent denied six million Jews died in the Holocaust… until he lost his fight.

When Jewish cage fighter Natan Levy saw antisemitic trolls defending a prominent Holocaust denier online, he knew he had to teach them a painful lesson.

To show up one “dumb kid”, the professional martial artist invited him to his Las Vegas training studio and beat him into admitting that six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime.

Levy, who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, sparked the showdown earlier this week when he commented on a white nationalist’s topless photo to mock his supposedly muscular physique.

“He’s built like a chopstick,” wrote the Israeli fighter on Twitter. “Definitely not a threat.”

A user identifying himself as Ben replied and offered to fight Levy on behalf of Nick Fuentes – a white supremacist who has denied the Holocaust, said that Republican politicians should oppose “Jewish power”, and praised Adolf Hitler.

The 24-year-old’s regular online show, America First, has attracted a cult following among young people on the far right.

“I’ll drive to Vegas any day of the week to spar you on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes and America First,” Ben wrote to Levy.

“With no formal MMA training [it] should be easy right?”

natan levy

Levy kicks his Holocaust denying opponent on behalf of the Jewish people (Photo: YouTube)

Levy responded to take up his offer, saying: “Sure, I’ll gladly KO [knock out] your punk ass. Come see me bro… I’ll Venmo [transfer] you the gas money.”

Justifying his decision to fight in a video posted to YouTube, Ben said: “All of a sudden I saw one of [Levy’s] posts come across Twitter. 

“It was critical of someone who associates himself with America First and the political values that I value. As a defender of that, and as a former martial arts trained person myself I thought it would be fun to come spar.”

America First, he claimed, is “a political movement, based on furthering Christian values in the United States… I am not a hateful person. I love everybody.”

Standing outside an octagon cage designed for martial arts fights, Levy asked his opponent: “Why were you talking s**t about Jews on Twitter?”

After denying that he had, Ben said he was defending Fuentes because: “I think because what he says is right.”

The America First presenter, he claimed, is not a Holocaust denier but a “revisionist”. 

Asked how many Jews he thought were killed, Ben added: “I wouldn’t know that off the top of my head… they say six million.”

Speaking to the camera before the fight, Levy said: “He’s just a kid, probably a dumb kid. 

“I’m not gonna hurt him too bad but a lesson has to be taught here about trolling. Education is painful sometimes.”

The two men then proceeded to fight, throwing high kicks and punches at each other until Levy swept Ben onto the ground, hit him repeatedly in the head, and wrapped his arm around his neck.

“I’m tapping, I’m tapping,” said Ben, confirming that he wanted to admit defeat.

After the combatants got to their feat and restarted the sparring match, Levy took down Ben again. 

Trapped on his back with his arms pinned under Levy’s legs and suffering under a volley of blows, Ben became contrite. 

“I’m sorry,” he said.

After the match ended, the two men stood together outside the octagon.

“Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust,” said Ben.

Levy chided: “Murdered.”

“Murdered in the Holocaust,” responded Ben.

 “This one was not that painful,” said Levy. “The next one will be more painful.”



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