Republicans Froth Over ‘Lab Leak’ Report, Call For Action Against China

Republicans have been busy since the early days of Covid-19 to blame someone, hell, anyone but themselves or their Russian scumbag friends

Huge Piece Of Sun Breaks Off, Scientists Stunned, End Times Ahead

More signs of the end times? If a huge piece of the Sun breaks off suddenly without warning, where in gods name does this leave us?

Chinas Revolution Over Covid Lockdowns

Protests against Xi Jinping and his zero-Covid policy are sweeping across China   Hundreds took to streets in an unprecedented display of anger against his rule  Experts...

DeSantis: We were very fortunate to have good coordination with Biden White House and FEMA

Queue Republican outrage in 5,4,3,2,1... DeSantis will be charged with crossing over to the dems and will be banished by every known Republican out...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Now Advocates Murdering Defenseless Animals

This dumb bitch with her weapon fantasies can't go kill other humans (yet), but for now she wants to go on a safari, whereby...