Biden Says Trump Was low-energy and incoherent in Michigan

Trump is low energy and incoherent. Trump has always been about slogans and being incoherent. But President Biden nailed Trump on those few words. And he needs to do more to show Trump that he's nothing more than a bloated gasbag filled with hot air.

UAW VP: Donald Trump Is Coming Off As A Pompous Ass

"Let me be blunt. Donald Trump is coming off as a pompous (expletive)," Booth said in an email. "Coming to Michigan to speak at a nonunion employer and pretending it has anything to do with our fight at the Big Three is just more verbal diarrhea from the former president."

GOP Debate Round Two Hailed As Clown Show

Of course, the Republican debates are a clown show. Its Republican bottom feeders struggling to reach the top spot. How much more of a clown show could you get when dealing with battling Republicans who have zero policies that move the nation forward?

Biden Undergoing Slip And Fall Exercises Professor Claims He Never Heard Of

Professor James Gordon, associate dean and chair of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California has never once heard of proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers. Yet when I googled it, I came away with hundreds and hundreds of articles from the medical community about it.

Trump Wants Milley Executed, Tries To Buy Gun, Wants Liberal News Outlets Shuttered For Treason

Trump wants to have JCS Milley executed, then tried to buy a Glock gun, presumably to do it himself, and then said he wanted all media (mostly liberal media) that doesn't support him as the greatest President ever, shutdown and charged with Treason.