Biden Says Trump Was low-energy and incoherent in Michigan


But of course, Trump is low energy and incoherent. Trump has always been about slogans and being incoherent. But President Biden nailed Trump on those few words. And he needs to do more to show Trump that he’s nothing more than a bloated gasbag filled with hot air.

Story below:

President Biden’s reelection campaign called former President Trump’s speech in Michigan “incoherent” and said that workers aren’t buying his attempts to woo them.

“Donald Trump’s low-energy, incoherent ‘speech’ at a non-union factory in Michigan was a pathetic, recycled attempt to feign support for working Americans. Americans have seen him try this before and they aren’t buying it,” Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz said.

Trump gave an address in Michigan as counterprogramming to Wednesday’s GOP debate, where he called out what he views as a flawed and failing auto industry under the Biden administration. He criticized the White House on policies on China and electric vehicles and argued that employees are worse off under Biden.

Trump gave the address in Michigan, ground zero for strikes launched this month by the United Auto Workers (UAW). The former president sees blue-collar voters as a constituency he can win from Biden in a rematch of their 2020 presidential race; Trump won Michigan in 2016 before losing it to Biden in 2020.

The Biden campaign pushed back on Trump’s criticism, saying he left office with fewer jobs than when he entered office and arguing that he sent jobs overseas. Unemployment fell for most of Trump’s presidency before spiking during the pandemic lockdowns that began in March 2020.

“They know who Donald Trump really is: a billionaire charlatan running on empty words, broken promises, and lost jobs. Under Trump, the ultra-wealthy and big corporations got richer, and American families paid the price. He left office with fewer jobs than when he entered. He created incentives for companies to ship manufacturing overseas. And, he let China get ahead in the race to the future,” Munoz said.

The campaign also sent news headlines about billionaires paying less taxes under the Trump administration and about broken promises to Midwest factory workers that companies wouldn’t move jobs overseas.

“We all remember, and Americans won’t forget come November 2024,” Munoz said.

Biden joined the UAW picket line Tuesday, marking a first-of-its kind moment for a sitting president.

The UAW has not yet endorsed Biden in 2024, saying in May that it has concerns over the White House’s focus on EVs — a policy Trump repeatedly hit Biden over as the reason the workers went on strike in the first place.



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