Trump to Con Striking Union Members in Detroit, Skips 2nd G.O.P. Debate

Trump plans to con union members in Detroit by skipping his 2nd useless debate (he isn't needed anyway) and instead seeing that trouble exists in Detroit with striking auto workers, plans to go there and sell them a bunch of bullshit lies like he did coal miners in 2015

California Dems: Trump Must Be Off Ballot

Not that Trump would ever win California, but Californians want to be sure he isn't part of the ballot in 2024 and are devising ways to make that happen.

GOP Endorses RFK Jr For Democrats

What? The GOP endorses RFK Jr. for President? He's running as a democrat, so this should give you all you need to know about who he's in the tank for.

Joe Manchin grapples with his political future

As if any Democrat thought this piece of shit was a democrat. Joe Manchin is in the tank for Republicans and pretty much was one of their ringers in congress that kept Republicans in power. He, along with Kyrsten Sinema, were closeted Republicans posing as democrats, put there to make sure that Republicans would always hold the majority.

Trump Offers Republicans New Tax Cuts For Wealthy If They Elect Him

The rich keep wanting to get richer, so Trump is now playing that base claiming he'll pass even better tax cuts for them than he did before if they will only get behind him and support him for 2024.