Analyzing Trump’s Question: Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Four years ago, The COVID-19 pandemic created significant disruptions in the U.S. food system, resulting in shortages and higher prices for basic supplies and food. Masks were almost non existent. Medical staffs across the United States and the world were faced with a shortage of basic supplies, masks and ventilators. Under Trump, blame was shifted to hospitals and health care workers instead of Trump. Life saving ventilators were suddenly in short supply leading Trump to blame others for his own misdeeds during the pandemic. After Trump was notified that ventilators to help hospitals came with a one billion dollar price tag, he scoffed at it and refused to pay for it.

Suddenly, under Trump, it wasn’t the federal governments responsibility to help people during the pandemic, it was the states responsibility. Then the madness came with all manner of dangerous drugs and various snake oil cures that were pushed out by Trump for the people to use. In short, Trump had no plan to deal with Covid or taking care of the nation. Trump continued to blame hospitals for their problems. Then, Trump claimed thet Covid was a hoax and a fake media conspiracy.

The economy went into a nosedive, and by all estimates today cost over 14 trillion dollars

Hoarders that were ruled by fear went into action and took everything they could off store shelves. Toilet paper was literally out of stock nationwide. People had to ask their relatives from far away to ship them toilet paper if it showed up in stock in their areas. Store shelves across the country were suddenly empty. If you could buy anything, it probably wouldn’t be anything you wanted or needed. The meat section in grocery stores were mostly empty as companies suddenly couldn’t ship products to the store shelves and there were few if any workers left to stock whatever came in.

A study that was recently put out showed that the reason people hoarded toilet paper and other items were because people lived in fear or were overly anxious, which is where media like Fox News played for their audiences on a 24/7 basis. Fear, undertainity and doubt was all they sold the public and it was a goldmine for them. It was reported that 14.9 million people died during the 2020/21 pandemic. Yet under Trump’s mismanagment and stupidity, it was all sold as a hoax. It didn’t happen.

Covid was the leading cause of death in both 2020 and 2021

Over 3 million died in the United States alone. Mass burial graves were a common scene, with people in hazmat suits carrying the dead to be burned or buried or both.

Covid was a fact that Trump could not hide

Social distancing became the norm, even in the Trump administration, Covid was a fact that Trump could not hide. Antivaxxers finally saw their 15 minutes of fame under covid. They derided vaccines, told people that vaccines would kill them if they took them or turn them into zombies later. Died Suddenly became their rallying call to prove it. The usual right wing tropes of save the children were also in play. All told the pandemic response by Trump was abominable, and millions died over it.

Then Trump told the people to inject bleach to cure or ward off covid. Then drinking your own urine was pushed out to cure or ward off covid. People actually posted how much bleach or urine they drank per day. So, when asked if you are better off now than we were then, the clearest answer is: YES, WE ARE BETTER OFF.

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