Toxic Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024 Will Blame Liberals For It


Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024.The catch is, they are planning to blame liberals on the left for it.

Many people are by now aware that anything to do with the election of Donald Trump carries a potential for violence. Trump carries with him the violence of the 2020 election with him.

Trump threatens to execute people he doesn’t like, both in the private sector as well as the military. He also promises to carry out plans to ship people he doesn’t like to internment camps or out of the country.

This also goes for media organizations, who he promises to shut down as well as any journalists he dislikes. Those very organizations will be shut down and their leadership jailed. Journalists who write anything negative about him will also be jailed or deported.

An article by Chris Rufo, who works at the conservative magazine City-Journal, writes the conservative plan for blaming liberals for violence that they say will unfold with the election of Donald Trump. In fact, this is a serious plan to destroy the United States and democracy by preparing Law Enforcement in advance of violence they claim will be carried out by liberals. Of course, this is standard playbook 101 for right wingers. They attempted to blame and continue to blame liberals for January 6th to erase their own culpability in the riots of that day by conservative Trump supporters.

Progressives are restless and ready. Left-wing activists have established a constellation of institutions to support public demonstrations. Protest NGOs, media entities, research centers, black-bloc (Antifa) networks, and bail funds are all finely tuned to mobilize mass movements. The Left carefully manages its licit and illicit factions: progressive political leaders tacitly delegate the dirty work to anarchist and racialist factions, which can change costumes—for example, from a BLM mask to a Palestinian keffiyeh—at any moment.

They are indeed making a case right now for Trump to implement the insurrection act once he is elected and sitting in the White House.

Red-state governors should start preparing now. They should instruct state law enforcement to establish interagency task forces to monitor, infiltrate, and disrupt violent left-wing activist networks to the fullest extent permitted by law. If they uncover illegal activity, they should make arrests and prosecute offenders. As I have observed in the Pacific Northwest, these groups are relatively small and depend on specific leadership nodes. They make little effort to hide their goal of overthrowing America’s basic institutions and their willingness to use political violence to do so. Law enforcement should follow a simple mantra: disrupt the nodes, disrupt the network. The invisible work of prevention is far superior to a public fight during a potential riot.

Rufo leaves January 6th off the story of course. He fails to mention that right wingers are the ones who are violent, and who are responsible for trying to overthrow the United States government on January 6th, while liberals were too busy at Starbucks or reading books to educate themselves or going to work. But the blame game has already started. And liberals will be blamed for everything that happens in this next election, while right wingers get ready for the violence they are planning ahead of time.

Preparation, however, can only go so far. If riots do erupt in American cities, what can conservative political leaders do to quell them? Two basic approaches are possible: a “ground war” and an “air war.” The first option is summarized by Senator Tom Cotton’s infamous New York Times editorial, published during the summer of Floyd: “Send In the Troops.” The first-order benefit of this approach is clear: National Guard units can suppress riots, protect lives and property, and restore public order. But it also carries a risk. The Left has mastered the tactic of baiting law enforcement into a reaction, framing any response as “authoritarian” and using the national media to shift public opinion.

A ground war and an air war. Wow, imagine the battlefield in our streets and neighborhoods. Imagine right wing goon squads coming to your home and arresting your kids and family members and shipping them off to internment camps, all because they believe you supported the other candidate. But here, in this next quote, is the money ball. The outright plan to blame liberals, and not themselves, for the planned violence right wingers will undertake.

The second option is an “air war”—that is, via the airwaves. Whether by choice or necessity, political leaders can enact a policy of containment, leaving the mayhem in certain neighborhoods for local authorities to handle, while waging a battle for public opinion in the media and blaming the political Left for the violence and destruction. 

Blaming the political left for the violence and destruction. So, we know what they are now planning for, violence and destruction. Because with right wingers, every accusation is a confession of what they are doing themselves. They are, with this statement, planning violence AND destruction.

However the politics play out, though, conservative leaders must prepare for potential unrest. First, they should develop plans for state and local deterrence, riot control, and prosecution of anyone found responsible for violence. Second, they should model a strategy for the “air war”: develop a persuasive rhetorical strategy in advance, create the frame of interpretation for any future rioting, and build a rapid-response apparatus for contesting the opposition message. They might recruit strategic planners to game out potential scenarios and responses, with an eye toward breaking the hostage logic that the Left successfully implemented in 2020: “Elect our man, and the pain will stop.”

It’s crazy to hear these lunatics and their plans for America. Here is the question you need to be asking yourself and people you know, and that is this. What do you think will happen if Trump loses?


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