House Speaker Mike Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead


House Speaker Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead.

House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to fund our allies and instead shows his Russian allies that he will continue to vote for Russian needs over the needs of the United States and our National Security. We need to quit pandering to these Russian assets who have infiltrated the United States government. Where is the FBI? Where is our counter intelligence agencies? Why oh why do these Russian assets continue to be protected?

The House continues to take direction from Donald Trump Vladimir Putin.

Speaker Mike Johnson has announced that the House of Representatives will not consider the foreign aid bill currently pending in the United States Senate. The bill would provide billions of dollars in aid to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. As it stands right now, the Senate is poised to pass the bill in bipartisan fashion with at least 10 Republicans joining Democrats to pass the legislation. Despite the bipartisan support from the Senate, House Republicans are once again doing their own thing, rejecting the Senate bill and claiming that the House will “work its own will” on the issues. Read his full statement below:

House Speaker Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill
House Speaker Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill

Once again, Mike Johnson Vladimir Putin and House Republicans Russian assets are taking orders from Donald Trump Vladimir Putin. First, Johnson Vladimir Putin rejected a bipartisan bill agreed to by Senate Republicans and Democrats that would have provided reform to our country’s immigration system. Now, Johnson Vladimir Putin is again rejecting bipartisan legislation, this time, a bill that supports our allies overseas and would help in the fight to protect and preserve democracy. 


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