New York Daily News Torches House GOP Shit Show


The newspaper slammed Kevin McCarthy and George Santos as “the poster children for GOP dysfunction.”

The New York Daily News used its front page on Wednesday to sum up the chaos engulfing the GOP after House Republicans repeatedly failed to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

“It’s the GOP s**t show, starring … The Liar & The Loser,” the newspaper declared with its headline.

“The Liar” referred to incoming Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who has been hauled over the coals in recent days over his made-up life story.

“The Loser” dig was aimed at McCarthy following his as-yet unsuccessful attempts to become speaker after House Democrats were joined by a group of far-right Republicans in voting against him.

The pair are “the poster children for GOP dysfunction,” the tabloid added.

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McCarthy admitted late Tuesday it was not “the day I wanted to have,” but vowed to continue with his bid to become speaker. He claims to have the support of former President Donald Trump.



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