Rich kid, and still a whiny baby, Elon Musk, has decided that he needed to start getting rid of people that questioned him, mocked him and or talked shit about him. Despite this being the very free speech he claimed he would allow, it seems now that was all bullshit. He’s a closeted scumbag who has very little value on this planet. Yet, here he is in all his richy rich glory lording over everyone else who is so far above him you’d need a ladder to see them.

This is what gets him upset enough to start banning people on Twitter. The fact that those he banned are much more intelligent than him is what gets him frothing. All he wants are the rabid followers who bend over on his every utterance letting him stick it up their asses, everyone else though needs banning because they refuse to bend knee and praise him. Twitter, I shit it…

Aaron Rupar Story below:

Early Thursday evening, I started receiving messages that my Twitter account was suspended. I initially thought I was being trolled. But I picked up my phone to check it out and lo and behold, it’s true.

I have no idea what rules I purportedly broke. I haven’t heard anything from Twitter at all. I did publish a newsletter Wednesday morning featuring an article from Noah Berlatsky about Elon Musk’s reactionary populism. I also posted a tweet late last night noting that Musk seemed to violate Twitter’s policy against posting footage of someone without their consent in a tweet he posted yesterday. But it’s hard to imagine how either of those things violated Twitter’s policies.

I have spent more than five years painstakingly documenting major developments in US politics on Twitter with video, so losing that archive instantaneously and for no good reason is a bummer. And as an independent journalist running a newsletter business who relies on Twitter for new subscribers, being stripped of a huge part of my audience hurts.

Anyway, I’m holding out hope that Twitter will reconsider this move, so anything you can do to help me get my account restored is appreciated. At the very least it would be nice if the company would try to explain what’s going on.

UPDATE: It occurred to me just after I published this that I did post a tweet yesterday noting that the ElonJet account that was suspended from Twitter was still active on Facebook, with a link to the Facebook page. Here it is:

As hard as it may be to interpret linking to a Facebook page that uses publicly available information to track a private jet as violating a “doxxing” policy, it appears that’s what Twitter did to justify my banning.


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