When Will We Get Someone With Balls To Put An End To Putin?


This is one of those why we can’t seem to win the day for Ukraine posts. It seems on the surface pretty easy to see how to win, yet no one in the west seems to have any real balls to take on Putin and bring his regime to an end. Similar events are happening in the United States, with dems/liberals trying to put an end to Trump and his criminal minions. It just doesn’t seem to ever end, where America can move on from Trump and all the criminals he associates with.

In the case of Putin, its pretty easy to see that we are only willing to fight a limited proxy war with Russia. No American boys on the ground working to end that regime quickly so we can all move on. We give Zelensky limited range weapons and a lot of money, but Z can only launch limited range attacks and no more. If we gave Z what he needed this war would be over very quickly.

Z needs to have long range weapons to respond to attacks on his own country from Russia. He needs to be able to bomb inside of Russia. Let him take out their power plants, let him take out apartment buildings and bomb indiscriminately. If Russia launches missiles, Z needs to launch missiles back at the same type of targets. Bomb the Kremlin, turn it into rubble. No, this won’t embolden Putin to do more, instead he’ll be left to explain to Russians why historical buildings like the Kremlin are now in rubble. Same with power plants. Make the Russians feel what Putin is doing to Ukraine. Winter is approaching, what will Russians do when they have no power? Do the same to them as they do unto you, eye for an eye.

Send the US Marines in to mop up problem areas. Send the Navy to take out all their ships in the Black Sea. Send in the Air Force to bomb them day and night. Send in the Army to take on the conscripts and show them American know how. This war would quickly be over if we just stopped acting like pussies and start acting like the most powerful nation on earth. What happened to our 100 year history of spreading democracy all over the planet? Why are we so afraid of a weak Russia who has to resort to untrained conscripts to fight their battles?

We need a General Patton, an Omar Bradley, a MacArthur and an Ike Eisenhower to show the rest of this planet who is boss. That boss is America. We need to stop pretending like we are a superpower and start acting like we are a superpower. But so far all we’ve managed to do is play like we are not already at World War 3. No, that’s not us over in Ukraine. No, that’s Ukrainians fighting and dying for democracy while we supply the weapons. When will we get into this fight? Are we just going to pretend that Ukraine doesn’t need any help other than some limited range weapons? Where are American balls, American know how? We need to get into this thing full speed ahead and quit pretending that our hands are clean and it’s not our war but someone else’s.

In the case of Trump, we need an ass kicking AG and DOJ who has balls and acts as if no one is above the law instead of pretending no one is above the law. Garland was the wrong choice for AG, its plain to see it, he needs to go and go today. Wray is also the wrong man to lead the FBI. He’s failed at every turn to bring those upper elites responsible for sedition to justice, he needs to also go, and go today. Our system of justice and fair play is pretty much over unless we get people in there who have balls. Until then, two sets of books exist, one for them and one for us.

Only we are the ones who get hauled away for things that are so minor as to not even rate. Yet elites get investigations and appeals and constant delays. They can traffic with minor girls across state lines, and because they are in office they can get away with it. No one is ever held accountable. And this is under a liberal administration where the people voted for accountability that was all but assured if we voted them in. But almost two years into that administration we have seen zero accountability. They can steal our nations secrets and get away with it. They can walk all over our hallowed institutions and laws and get away with it. For them the law doesn’t exist.

Truth is, liberals have no balls at all to show us that no one is above the law. They just let them get away with it, and the people who went all out for them to get that accountability are told later, sorry, too bad so sad, we can’t do anything we promised you. Sorry if you thought we could, but the reality is no one will be held to account, and only the soldiers that followed them will be brought to justice, and that justice is limited to 3 month vacations at Club Fed.


Hitler only had one ball, and right now the current administration has ZERO BALLS!!!

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