Middle East Seeks Relevancy Once Again

The Middle East has been relatively quiet for the last 10 years or so. It was even said prior to the attack on Israel on October 7th, that it was pretty quiet and seemed to be progressing. But today, after the attacks on helpless women and children by Hamas, they are suddenly back in the news again

Iran, Hiding Behind Women And Children, Threaten Strike Against Israel

It's funny, these towel head mullahs in Iran who hide behind women's skirts and hold up children as shields threaten Israel with a major attack. These Iranian cowards aren't threats, they are low life dirty cowards.

GAZA Invasion On Hold

Some may ask why the GAZA invasion is on hold. It appears that its on hold because the good old USA has told Bibi Netanyahu that invading GAZA is not what they want to see.

Using Nuclear Weapons To Solve Global Problems

Should we just get it over with and use nuclear weapons to finally get rid of all these problems in the world? That is a big question for many to ponder.

HAMAS Used Crypto, Not Iranian 6B In Funds

This blows that hole in the talking points about Biden giving HAMAS money, money that was never spent and hasn't been touched yet sitting in Qatar, to terrorists.