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It’s pretty amazing that a former President of the United States of America is on a rat hunt for who gave him and the stolen classified documents up to the feds. If anything, this shows that Trump was an acting mob boss and not really a President. Not only that, but also a deep level Russian asset for Vladimir Putin. Add to it, anywhere from 150 to 195 Republicans are on board backing him up claiming they are outraged that the FBI executed a search warrant on Mar-a-Lago, Trumps home.

Is this America one wonders, where we are discussing in livid detail that a former President is looking for a rat/snitch/informant who ratted him out to federal authorities? Can this be real? Sadly for America it is. And his own base still panders to him. Those hillbillies from the backwoods who are just shy of any brain cells, don’t actually care that their leader is a criminal or commits crimes with impunity. They actually support and defend him like he was a God. Get real folks, the man is an entertainer, a showman, a product of staged reality TV. He isn’t a God and never was, also he doesn’t give two fucks for anyone but himself. Yet people are running down to Florida to support him. And Republicans who put Hillary through years of Benghazi hearings and came up with bupkis, nada, zero, nothing, have no outrage at all over this stupidity.

So Trump makes off with the secrets of the temple, the good old USA, and stashes those documents away in a cheap hotel safe where anyone can access them, and then lies about having them, and probably because they were of value to him in later schemes and scams and potential blackmail. Yet these scumbag Republicans won’t lift a finger in outrage at the man who took them.

These are the very same Republicans who scream and lament on a daily basis about critical race theory, book bans, and supporting efforts to control women’s bodies, while every little outrage they can come up with is plastered all over cable entertainment as if each outrage will end the world if not settled. Yet, there is no outrage at all when the secrets of the good old USA are purloined and put in an unsafe area, and potentially used as fodder for selling them on the black market. No outrage at all.

Trump can do no wrong to them. I ask WHY? Does Trump have compromising information on all of them? Are they dirty scum sucking drug dealing drug sniffing sex perverts, and Trump has them by the balls?

Remember the outrage over Reality Winter? What about every fucking spy they caught selling classified documents to the Russians, from Aldrich Ames to FBI agent Robert Hansson and all the rest? But Trump can just do whatever the fuck he wants with classified documents and they have ZERO FUCKING OUTRAGE!!!!!

And now, all media is consumed by who’s the rat. Forget for a moment that they doxxed the magistrate Judge who signed the warrant, yeah, they’ve been doing that shit for a long time. You fuck with Trump or his minions and you get your ass handed to you. That is SOP in Trump world. But they will scream outrage that peaceful protesters were at SCOTUS Kavenaugh’s house. OMG we got to protect the Judges they said. How dare these radical leftists occupy the same space as a SCOTUS. Yet, the Judge who signed the search warrant, yeah they went after him like flies on shit.

But again, what consumes media is Trump’s search for da rat, which if there was a rat, they are going to make that person pay for betraying Trump when he easily betrays everyone who comes into his orbit. They don’t care that he “did the right thing” all they’ll care about is busting his balls out of the country and into some WITSEC program where he’ll never be heard from again.

And of course media has always been obsessed with every thing Trump does. And they will back him every fucking time as well. It’s how Trump got elected in 2016. He didn’t have to run one commercial or do much of anything on the campaign trail. He got a billion dollars worth of free media attention and a box of Russians running disinformation campaigns for him, and we ended up with this scumbag bastard in office for 4 fucking hard years.

Over a million people died too. And now the media wants to do it all over again? They are begging for Trump again, they need him because he provides clicks and revenue for them. So yes, who’s da rat is an all consuming hunt for a guy who gave Trump up. And the next thing will be when they ID him, and then the next thing will be smearing him until there is nothing left of him, and on and on it will go.

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